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    These guys provide top-notch service! When I came home for the summer, my central vacuum system was completely inoperative. My home is over 10,000 sq ft, so not having a working central vacuum system is not an option. The gentleman Chris at the store came right out and personally checked out my system and got it running again. It works even better now than it EVER did. Customer service like this is UNHEARD OF in this day and age. I will certainly be a repeat customer! Thank you, gentlemen!

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    I love this business. So useful to have, wonderful guys, reasonable pricing, excellent service work.

Vacuum Maintenance 101: Keep Your Vacuum in Tip-Top Condition

A vacuum is the most important tool in your home’s cleaning supply toolbox. You use it to clean your floors, stairs, furniture, and maybe even your curtains and light fixtures. In other words, it’s a staple element in your cleaning regiment and one of the best investments you can make. However, in order to see returns on your investment, you need to make sure you maintain your vacuum.

East Hampton Vacuums, the leading vacuum supplier and repair company on Long Island’s East End, has been outfitting homes with the highest quality vacuum cleaners for more than 30 years. Not only are they the go-to source for new vacuums, but they also provide top-notch maintenance services that will keep your machine running in tip-top condition. While you can certainly count on the pros at East End Vacuums to get a damaged vacuum up and running, maintaining the machine can help you avoid damage in the first place.

Here’s a list of some basic maintenance tips from the crew at East Hampton Vacuums.

Empty it Out

One of the simplest things that you can do to maintain your vacuum is emptying it out.

Get in the habit of checking the bag whenever you finish using the machine. A lot of people think that they don’t need to replace the bag unless it feels like it’s totally full. If you want to ensure optimal performance, you should change out the bag when it’s about three-quarters full. Dirt needs space to enter the bag and if it’s packed with debris, there isn’t going to be enough room to fit any new dirt your vacuum sucks up, which can make your vacuum less efficient.

If you have a bagless model, empty the dirt cup after each use, even if it isn’t full. Doing so will prevent it from becoming overly full the next time you vacuum and ensure it runs efficiently as possible.

Properly Secure the Bag or Dirt Cup

Attaching a bag or a dirt cup might seem like a simple task, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t secure them properly.

If your vacuum cleaner uses a bag, the method used for attaching it will depend on the model that you of your machine; however, no matter what type of vacuum you have, there’s one thing that’s always a constant: the opening has to be secured to the nozzle. Whether your vacuum uses clips, hooks, or any other type of holder, make sure that they are fully attached.

With a bagless vacuum, check to ensure that the dirt container is properly installed and that the lever that secures it in place is closed.

If the bag or dirt cup isn’t correctly attached, any debris you suck up can be distributed throughout the inside of your vacuum cleaner and damage the inner mechanisms, including the motor.

Clean Off the Roller Brush

Inspect the roller brush on the suction nozzle from time-to-time. Various items can get wrapped around it, like hair, dental floss, thread, yarn, and ribbon. If there’s a large collection of these items on the roller brush, they can impede the spinning of the brush and reduce the vacuum efficiency.

If you notice any objects wrapped around the roller brush, you can try to remove them with a pair of scissors; however, if you aren’t comfortable with doing this or you are having a hard time getting the objects off the brush, it’s best to bring the machine to a professional to have it serviced.

Clean or Replace the Filters

Most vacuum cleaners feature filters. These filters are intended to remove tiny particles, such as allergens, that can get pushed back into the air. Make sure you check the filter on a regular basis and either clean or replace it as-needed.

If your vacuum has a foam or plastic filter, you can rinse it out in water and allow it to try. If the filter is made of paper, you can shake it out to remove any debris that has accumulated on it. No matter what type of filter you have, replacing it periodically is a wise idea.

Keeping your filter clean will help to maintain the quality of your indoor air.

Inspect the Hoses

Check the hoses over, too. Toys, hair, paper clips, and various other items that you suck up can get lodged inside a hose and diminish the suction power. Check over the hoses every once in a while or if it seems like the suction is less powerful. If you see anything trapped, try to dislodge it. If you can’t, contact a reputable vacuum repair shop.

While vacuum cleaners are durable and built to take a beating, like any appliance, they need to be maintained. With proper maintenance, you can ensure your vacuum cleaner will work properly and extend its life.

If you’re having any issues that you can’t remedy on your own, call East Hampton Vacuums to schedule a repair. They’ll be happy to assist you with all of your vacuum maintenance and repair needs.

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