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    Roger Sherwood

    These guys provide top-notch service! When I came home for the summer, my central vacuum system was completely inoperative. My home is over 10,000 sq ft, so not having a working central vacuum system is not an option. The gentleman Chris at the store came right out and personally checked out my system and got it running again. It works even better now than it EVER did. Customer service like this is UNHEARD OF in this day and age. I will certainly be a repeat customer! Thank you, gentlemen!

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    Liz Carey

    I love this business. So useful to have, wonderful guys, reasonable pricing, excellent service work.

If You Read One Article About Vacuums, Read This One!

When it comes to the cleanliness of the home, we all want to put our best foot forward. 

After all, our homes are our sanctuaries. What we use to keep our homes clean play a major role in how well the it is maintained. From carpet to tile to hardwood floors, vacuum cleaners are a classic go-to for keeping your home looking immaculate. They are more efficient in keeping things like pet hair and dust allergen particles out. Keeping your vacuum cleaners in top working condition is something we normally don’t think about until it’s too late. 

Serving Long Island in quality vacuum maintenance and repair, East Hampton Vacuum is an ally when it comes to the upkeep of your vacuum cleaners. East Hampton Vacuum is top-ranked in vacuum maintenance and repair, no matter what kind of vacuum you use. East Hampton Vacuums provide a team of professionals that are highly skilled and knowledgeable about maximising the lifespan of your specific vacuum. If you’re in need of a vacuum repair, keep reading! Once you finish, head over to East Hampton Vacuum!

Which vacuum cleaner is best for your lifestyle?

Upright: The upright vacuum is the most commonly used. It’s best benefit is that it’s efficient in cleaning multiple surfaces. You can move from carpet to wood floor to tile with little to no effort. It’s rotating brushes extracts dust from carpet, but can clean just as efficiently on hard surfaces as well.

Central: Central vacuum installation makes cleaning hassle-free. All you have to do is plug the hose into a built-in inlet, turn it on, and you’re ready to go. You don’t have to worry about finding power outlets to plug into. And, since the length of a standard hose is 30 feet (longer hoses are available, too!), you’ll be able to clean all of the floors, hard-to-reach corners, stairs, and even ceilings in your home with ease! Talk about convenient cleaning!

Portable: The best thing about a portable vacuum is that it’s portable! Since it’s so compact, it is versatile in how many different spaces you can easily use it in. It’s incredibly lightweight and especially versatile. It’s portable and storage is very easy. They are cost-effective, and are a godsend when trying to lift dirt from hard-to-reach places.

Things to Consider before buying a vacuum cleaner:

What kind of flooring are you maintaining? The size of the space that you’re maintaining can help you determine the kind of power that you’re looking for when purchasing a vacuum. 

What is the size of your space? 

The size of your space can help you figure out what’s best for your home. Maneuverability is key for smaller spaces, so portable vacuum may be best to suit your needs, for example.

Bags or no bags?

Depending on things like allergies a vacuum without bags are easier to empty, and clean up. Vacuums with a bag are more allergy-sufferer-friendly. 

Is your vacuum HEPA filtered?

Many vacuums now include a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are a system that takes allergens out of the air. If you suffer from asthma or any other kind of respiratory illness, know that even your vacuum cleaner should be looking out for you.

Finding the right vacuum for you is essential in maintaining the cleanliness of your home, and it keeps your home’s air clean as well. East Hampton Vacuum will help you maintain all of your vacuum needs.

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